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Mr. Brancato’s Homework 12/13/18

Posted on December 13, 2018

Grade 4

ELA: Read the Bridge to Terabithia; Finish Chapter 2

Social Studies” Textbook, p. 133, Applying Study Skills”. Complete the exercise in your notebook. 

Grade 5

ELA: Vocabulary: Unit 13, pp. 130-1. Study “massacre” , “monotonous”, and “Preserve”. 

Examine Jip: His Story.

Social Studies: Read and eventually Memorize the “Preamble” of ” The Constitution of the United States”. Understand the meaning of republic: a system of government in which the people choose representatives to make the laws and control  the government. 



Mrs. Chumpitaz’s Spanish Homework 12/12/18

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Grade 3

Complete 2 Sheets about spring and summer

  • Quiz about days of the week, months, seasons, and colors on 1/2/19

Grade 4

Complete 2  sheets on Adjectives


Grade 5 

No Homework

Mr. Brancato’s Homework 12/12/18

Posted on December 12, 2018

Grade 4

ELA: Vocabulary: Unit 1, pg. 13, “word Associations” Complete the exercise. 

Grammar: Complete Exercise B., Pg. 85, Linking verbs

Social Studies; Textbook, p. 132, “Thinking about Vocabulary”


Grade 5

ELA: Vocabulary: Unit 13, pp. 130-1 Study “exhibit”, “foe”, & “latter”.

Grammar: Exercise B. p. 101

Examine Jip: His Story

Social Studies: Read  the handouts on the Electoral College and Enslavement. 

Mr. Brancato’s Homework 12/11/18

Posted on December 11, 2018

Grade 4

ELA: Vocabulary: Unit 1, pp. 10–1, Synonyms and Antonyms, Complete the exercise

Grammar: Complete Exercise C, p.82 Linking verbs

Social Studies: Read the textbook, 126-7

Grade 5

ELA: Vocabulary: Unit 13, pp.130-1. Study “achievement”, “acquire”, and “debate”.

Grammar: Exercise D, p.99

New York Progress: ELA:  PP 125-6, in the Fifth grade Blue Book, not a repeat of yesterday’s work

Social Studies: Carefully review all the notes on the handout given today. Follow MY Advice!!!!!

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