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Ms. McManus’ Homework 5/13-5/17

Posted on May 13, 2019

Monday 5/13

Read 20 minutes

ELA: Reading Comprehension worksheet

Math: GO Math pg 533-534


Tuesday 5/14

Read for 20 minutes

ELA: vowel sort worksheet

Math: worksheet on shapes

*Tomorrow  is 50/50 NUT Day $1.00


Wednesday 5/15

Read for 20 Minutes

ELA: Sight words 3x each/sentences (around, once, walk, enjoy)

Math: GO Math pages 539-540


Thursday  5/16

Read 20 Minutes

ELA: Worksheet

Math: Go Math pages 546-547


Friday 5/17

Read for 20 minutes each day

Draw and write about your weekend

Ms McManus’ Homework 5/6-5/10

Posted on May 6, 2019

Home work: 5/65/10

Monday: 5/6 Read for 20 minutes

ela: Fiesta writing sheet

math Go math p. 515516

* BOOK Fair begins Tuesday: 5/7

Please send in money. Read for 20 minutes ela: worksheet

math: Go math p.521-522

Wednesday 5/8

 Read for 20 minutes

math: worksheet on story sequencing ela: worksheet.

Thursday: 5/9

Read for 20 minutes

ela: sight words 3x each and sentences math: worksheet Friday : 5110

Read for 20 minutes each day

Draw and write about your weekend

Reminders: Book Fair 5/8 Bring money if you want

to buy books

Ms Mcmanus’ Homework 5/2

Posted on

Read for 20 minutes 

ELA: Sight words 3X each/ sentences

(Yes, Your, Mix, Back)

Math: Worksheet

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