Msgr. Burke 50/50 Raffle

Dear Friends,

Love, respect, dedication, loyalty and faith are just a few of the values that are used to describe a very memorable and missed member of our Saint Camillus family, Msgr. William Burke. For decades, Msgr. Burke dedicated his life to his strong Catholic faith. As a parish priest, he gave his heart and soul to his work. The Rockaway Peninsula was extremely blessed when he joined the Saint Camillus Parish in 1951. It was during this year, that Msgr. Burke began the well-known and loved Saint Camillus Marching Band. Even after Msgr. Burke left Saint Camillus he remained the director of the band because he knew that he had started something that made a huge impact on many lives. His love for his band and the Rockaway community was very clear to everyone who knew him and so was the band’s and community’s love for him.


It is with those values in mind that Saint Camillus Catholic Academy is proud to continue the “Monsignor William Burke Memorial Fund”.  This Memorial fund is used to offer scholarships to current students who demonstrate a love of music but also demonstrate the values of love, respect, dedication loyalty and faith that Msgr. Burke encompassed.  The Memorial Fund will also be used to assist the families who desire Catholic education and may not financially be able to afford the costs.  Msgr. Burke was a tremendous advocate for Catholic education.  The Memorial will honor this and assist families in his name. 

In order to fund this scholarship we ask that you support our campaign by purchasing a 50/50 raffle ticket.  The monies raised will go directly to the Development Fund of St. Camillus Catholic Academy.  The fund will be managed by the Academy Board of Directors.  We hope that your memories of St Camillus, the Band and your love of Msgr. Burke will inspire you to participate in our endeavor. The drawing will take place after the 11:30AM Mass in Saint Camillus Church on Sunday, October 21st.  

Please contact the school office if you are interested in purchasing tickets.

Saint Camillus Catholic Academy


We hope that your memories of St. Camillus, the Band, and your love of Msgr. Burke will inspire you to help the students of today become the citizens of tomorrow and carry on the Msgr. Burke and St. Camillus traditions.

Thank you and God bless you.

Margaret Mary McCambridge

Academy Board Treasurer