Read testimonials from parents, students, teachers, alumni and friends of St. Camillus Catholic Academy!

By Miss Doyle– St. Camillus Catholic Academy’s 1st Grade Teacher   

“I love St. Camillus because I love the feeling of being a part of such a close-knit community filled with people who truly care about you. It is amazing to work in a school where the students feel comfortable enough to approach teachers concerning any issues whether its inside or outside the classroom. There is always someone to celebrate your victories and pray with you when times get tough. There is always the sense you are constantly surrounded by family that God has brought together. I decided to become a teacher to better children’s lives. I realized I mad the right decision when I met the St. Camillus staff and students who instantly made me feel like I was at home. Every day I go to work I know I have made a difference, but I know working here has made a difference on me. St. Camillus is truly Rockaway’s hidden treasure.”


By Noah D.– St. Camillus Catholic  Academy 5th Grader

“ I love St. Camillus Catholic Academy for many reasons. The first reason is because it has given me a good education for six years. It also has lots of great teachers, that teach awesome things. Another reason is because I have made so many friends since coming here. The final reason I love St. Camillus Catholic Academy is because of everything that goes on here. This is a great school. I give it a FIVE STAR rating! If you have a child and you’re reading this, I    recommend you send your child here.”


By Ms. Brianna Saks– Parent of 5th Grader Matthew

              “When I think of St. Camillus Catholic Academy, I think family. My son Matthew transferred to SCCA mid third grade. He was not getting the services he was entitled to in his previous school. The St. Camillus administration welcomed us with open arms, and it felt like an intimate family like environment. The staff and faculty are the best. Class sizes are small and every child gets personalized attention. Mrs. Monahan, the school secretary is very welcoming and professional. Ms. Greer the SETTS teacher has worked very hard with my son and he has shown improvement. She is really a gem who embodies what St. Camillus has to offer. All the staff and faculty in St. Camillus work hard and are very good at what they do. I would recommend St. Camillus Catholic Academy to anyone looking for a school that entails compassion, caring and nurturing. “


By Daniel S.– Class of 2019

              “I love St. Camillus Catholic Academy because I have been here for 9 years and this is where my friends are. I also love the teachers here. They are nice and kind and will help you with anything that you need. The school lunch is also great and nutritious! I love how there are new rules that will make the school safe and fun. I am extremely happy that my parents chose to send me to SCCA.”