Mission and Philosophy

Mission Statement
Jesus Christ is the core of our existence at St. Camillus Catholic Academy. We endeavor to teach as Jesus taught; to educate and evangelize by always providing a safe, intimate and nurturing environment that is rich in spiritual and academic growth. Each child is encouraged to explore his or her own strengths and abilities through various instructional and up-to-date methodologies. The creative formation of the whole child is realized by guiding our students- spiritually, academically and emotionally. In a productive and supportive partnership with our parents, we strive to prepare our students for their immediate future and to provide them with the skills they will need for their long term success.

We at Saint Camillus Catholic Academy believe that the Catholic Education we offer will ignite the parents’ and children’s faith, making it alive, active and conscious. There is a great effort to relate all knowledge to the life of Christ, who is at the center of the Academy. Teachers teach as Jesus did, and in so doing, they are a moral and faith-based example for all of students. We seek to foster a personal relationship between each child and Jesus Christ. We recognize the age appropriate steps necessary to plant the seeds of faith, and nourish them with knowledge, practice and experience. In so doing, we are also building community, teaching values, fostering self-respect, and creating a living definition of what it means to be a Catholic.

The Academy provides Catholic teaching through traditional and innovative educational programs. The church’s Catholic social teachings are made real in the activities and service offered to the parish and community. The Academy will graduate students who are critical thinkers, productive moral citizens, and leaders who are firmly rooted in their personal relationship with God. Ours is a noble and blessed quest accomplished through hard work, discipline, faith, and a unique partnership with the parents.