Family Handbook

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 12.23.37 PMThe Student and Family Handbook contains all the vital information that St. Camillus Catholic Academy families will need during the course of the school year.

The Handbook covers academic expectations, conduct and attendance policies, uniform requirements and more, and it also includes the Parent Acknowledgment

Saint camillus

Catholic Academy



Student and Family Handbook


Saint Camillus Catholic Academy

Student and Family Handbook





Mission Statement

“Jesus Christ is the core of our existence at St. Camillus Catholic Academy.  We endeavor to teach as Jesus taught; to educate and evangelize by always providing a safe, intimate and nurturing environment that is rich in spiritual and academic growth.  Each child is encouraged to explore his or her own strengths and abilities through various instructional and up-to-date methodologies. The creative formation of the whole child is realized by guiding our students- spiritually, academically and emotionally.  In a productive and supportive partnership with our parents, we strive to prepare our students for their immediate future and to provide them with the skills they will need for their long term success.”






Our History:

Saint Camillus Catholic Academy opened in September of 2014 under the direction of our Board of Directors and by a charter from the NY State Education Department and Board of Regents.  The Academy Board is governed by by-laws and is led by the Board Chair.  The Academy’s spiritual director is our pastor, Rev. Richard Ahlemeyer of St. Camillus- St. Virgilius Parish.  Prior to 2014, Saint Camillus was a parochial school connected to the parishes of St. Camillus- St. Virgilius serving the families of Rockaway and Broad Channel.  The school has a long history of excellence in Catholic education.


Its goals are to:


  • Provide quality teaching through traditional and innovative educational programs infused with Catholic social teachings;


  • Involve students to serve and support parish life and the local civic communities;


  • Graduate students who are critical thinkers, productive moral citizens, and leaders;


  • Encourage its graduates to further their studies and become mature responsible-virtuous-successful leaders who are productive spiritual men and women contributing to the welfare of their society.










We, at Saint Camillus Catholic Academy, believe that the Catholic Education we offer will ignite the parents’ and children’s faith, making it alive, active and conscious. There is a great effort to relate all knowledge to the life of Christ, who is at the center of the Academy. Teachers teach as Jesus did, and in so doing, they are a moral and faith-based example for all of students. We seek to foster a personal relationship between each child and Jesus Christ. We recognize the age appropriate steps necessary to plant the seeds of faith, and nourish them with knowledge, practice and experience. In so doing, we are also building community, teaching values, fostering self-respect, and creating a living definition of what it means to be a Catholic.


The Academy provides Catholic teaching through traditional and innovative educational programs. The church’s Catholic social teachings are made real in the activities and service offered to the parish and community.  The Academy will graduate students who are critical thinkers, productive moral citizens, and leaders who are firmly rooted in their personal relationship with God. Ours is a noble and blessed quest accomplished through hard work, discipline, faith, and a unique partnership with the parents.





Emphasis is placed upon:


  • Helping each person to achieve his/her highest academic, social and spiritual potential;
  • Leading students to become aware of each person’s responsibility for his/her actions;
  • Providing an atmosphere in which each person can experience a sense of being wanted, loved, and appreciated. In so doing, we will help to mold the character of the students and empower them to develop a healthy self-image and an awareness of God’s great love for them;
  • Promoting a moral and ethical Christian consciousness through an understanding of Catholic teachings;
  • Providing ample opportunities to experience the joy and rewards of service to others both in the school and in the greater community;
  • Providing a structured, academically challenging and supportive environment. All students pursue a college-preparatory program and are empowered to matriculate into private, public or parochial high schools on the college-prep track;
  • Providing a rigorous course of study that includes: Math, Religion, Art, Music, English Language Arts, Physical Education, Science, Social Studies, and Technology.



Parental involvement:

Just as parents look to the Academy to provide the facilities and qualified personnel that are essential to their child’s academic and personal development, the Academy looks to parents to be actively involved in the academic life and spiritual development of their child.  We see the parents as the primary educators in the faith and their participation is integral in the life of the parish.  Parent financial responsibilities and volunteer expectations are outlined in the Tuition section and Family Pledge.



Admission Policies


We invite all of our families to come and visit our wonderful school.  Tours are scheduled during the school year.  Families interested are asked to contact the office.


Requirements for Registration:


  1. An official copy of the child’s birth certificate;
  2. Baptismal record;
  3. Record of compliance with local and New York State health requirements;
  4. Official transcripts and standardized test scores from school previously attended (if applicable);
  5. Proof of parish affiliation (for tuition purposes);
  6. Academic clearance and tuition clearance if a transfer from another Catholic school;
  7. Completion of registration application;
  8. Interview process.


All students are accepted for a probationary period of 90 days. The probationary period allows for the school and parents to assess if the academy is the proper environment for the child. At any time during this 90-day period, school officials and/or parents, may decide that this Academy does not meet the needs of the child. The Principal may extend this period of time.


Catholic schools and academies are required to treat all people equally.  There can be no discrimination on the basis of race, sex, national origin, age (in accordance with the law) and disability, if, with reasonable accommodation on the part of the school, the disabled person’s needs are met.


Financial Policies


St. Camillus Catholic Academy Tuition Rates


Catholic Affiliated Tuition

This tuition is for families who are affiliated and actively worshipping at a R.C. parish and have returned their Affiliation form completed by the pastor of their parish.


1 child              $4100.00

2 children        $6300.00

3 children        $7500.00


Non-Catholic or Non-Affiliated Tuition

This tuition rate is for families who are not Catholic or who are baptized but are not affiliated with a parish.  No Parish Affiliation form is on file in the academy office.

1 child              $5500.00

2 children        $8100.00

3 children        $9050.00



Schedule of Tuition


2017-2018 Academic Year


Below is the due date schedule for the 2017-18 academic year.  We ask that you please adhere to the due dates in order to avoid late fees.


Book Fee – $200.00 per child –            Due July 1, 2017 (Late fee added July 10th)


Fundraising Fee – $200.00 per family – Due: July 1, 2017 (Late fee added July 10th)


1st Tuition Payment –             Due August 1, 20167 (Late fee added Aug 10th)

2nd Tuition Payment –             Due September 1, 2017 (Late fee added September 10th)

3rd Tuition Payment –             Due October 1, 2017 (Late fee added October 10th)

4th Tuition Payment –              Due November 1, 2017 (Late fee added November 10th)

5th Tuition Payment –              Due December 1, 2017 (Late fee added December 10th)

6th Tuition Payment –              Due January 2, 2018 (Late fee added January 10th)

7th Tuition Payment –              Due February 1, 2018 (Late fee added February 10th)

8th Tuition Payment –              Due March 1, 2018 (Late fee added March 10th)

9th Tuition Payment –              Due April 1, 2018 (Late fee added April 10th)

10th Tuition Payment –            Due May 1, 2018 (Late fee added May 10th)



Payments of tuition and fees must be made on time. 


Family Involvement Pledge


Parents are important members of the St Camillus Catholic Academy. As the first educator of the children we serve, our parents are an important link to the success of the students.  This success is cultivated by actively involved parents, who support the administration, faculty and the mission of the academy.  They support their child by monitoring and supervising assignments and ensuring their child is always ready to take on the challenges ahead of them. The academy, parents and students all acknowledge the responsibility for our student’s academic, spiritual, physical and social growth in a shared process.  This process involves the cooperation and commitment of the child, teachers, administration and parents.  By this pledge we are demonstrating our commitment and responsibility in the education of our children.



Support the mission of the academy.

Support the administration and faculty,

Adhere to the Handbook policies and rules

Volunteer to the academy or pay volunteer fee

Financially support the academy by paying tuition and fees on time.



Support the mission of the academy by:

Following the policy and rules of the academy as listed in the Student Handbook.

Attend and support all Parent Conferences and the Home Academy meetings.

If Catholic, support the affiliated parish with time, treasure and talent.





Financially Support the Academy:


As a parent, I understand that any money owed to the academy must be paid according to the schedule.  I also understand that all fundraising obligations and fees are due and must be up to date.  If at any time during the academic year payments become overdue my child may be excluded from participating in class and school events.  Also the school will withhold report cards and transferring students’ transcripts.  Students will not be able to participate in any Graduation functions or register for the next school year.  I also understand that if delinquent I will be asked to meet with the Tuition Review Committee.



Other Fees


Registration fee $100.00 per child

This fee is for all new students and returning students, the fee is non-refundable.


Family Participation Fee/ Fundraising Fee   $200.00 per family

This fee is used to supplement the fundraising for the academy.  $100.00 –half of the fee- is used towards the Card Party Raffle.  Families will receive these raffle tickets to turn in with their name of them for a chance to win or sell to others.  If you sell the raffle tickets to others you may keep the money as the tickets were paid for.


Book/Supply Fee:  $200 per child

This fee covers the cost of the consumable workbooks we purchase, the religion book, art and gym equipment, testing fees, student insurance, green communications folder and student planner.


Volunteer Hours Fundraising

We require a minimum of 25 hours per academic year.  Each family must participate or they will be charged $250.00.  Volunteer hours are tracked at each trimester and hours are sent home.  You have many opportunities to earn your hours.  Please do not wait until the end of the academic year to complete your volunteer hours.   If parents do not complete their mandatory 25 hours the charge will be added May 1 to the final tuition payment.


Volunteer Functions

Lunch Duty                         Book Fair                                   Bake Sale      Santa Shop

Christmas Boutique            By the Sea Card Party               Movie Night      Bingo

Halloween Party                 Breakfast with Easter Bunny      Walk a Thon/Carnival

Class Parent                       Morning Duty/Late passes           Decorating for academy events

Catholic School Week Mass and Open House/Social                                  Box Tops       Volunteer Hours Coordinator

Any new Fundraisers/Social Events added by the Home Academy Parent Association.


Mandatory Fundraising participation:

Each family must sell one box of chocolate ($60.)

Each family must contribute a prize worth $25.00 or more for the By the Sea Card Party

Money towards the class baskets for Christmas Boutique and Card Party is collected by the class parent.  The class parent shops and prepares the raffle basket for the class.

Other Fundraisers are run throughout the year. These are optional:

Yankee Candle, Gift wrap, Mother’s Day Sale, Cake and Pie Sale.



Tuition Late Fee $25.00

Charged after the 10th of the month.


Return Check fee $25.00


Tuition Delinquencies

If the tuition is over 60 days late the parent must meet with the Tuition Committee who will determine a further course of action which may include, prompt payment plan for all arrears, suspension of the student, and withdrawal of the student or turning over to a Collection Agency.

In order for a Student to start the first day of school all fees and tuition for August and September must be paid.



All payments will be sent to the academy in care of the Financial Bookkeeper Mrs. Joan Furey-Palinkas.

All questions on tuition, fees and volunteer hours will be handled by her.





Diocesan Guidelines for Affiliated Status


These are the Diocese of Brooklyn guidelines on what is affiliated status …


To be considered for the tuition applicable to Roman Catholic families, for at least one year, you must be:


Properly registered in your parish;

Actively practicing your catholic faith as evidenced by Sunday attendance at Mass;

Participating in the sacramental life of the parish;

Sharing your time and talent by involvement in school and parish activities;

Supporting the parish by using weekly church envelopes, electronic giving, or other contributions that are specifically identifiable.



At St. Camillus Catholic Academy we require that our families who receive the Catholic tuition rate comply with the requirements.


 Students are to return to school on Monday with their reflection card distributed at masses at St. Camillus and St. Virgilius and if they worship at a different parish (a different parish affiliation) the bulletin from that parish.


Students and their parents are expected to place the envelope- both the student envelope and the parent parishioner envelope- into the collection at mass.  This is how the parish decides if you are an active participating Catholic.







Academic Expectations


St. Camillus Catholic Academy is a Catholic school of excellence.  We expect every student to work to his or her best potential.  Failure to meet standards due to incomplete assignments, poor test grades and missing homework is unacceptable.  We believe that Catholic education is a gift and needs to be treasured.  Students must complete the required assignments and work to their best ability.  St. Camillus Catholic Academy follows the New York State Common Core Standards.  Teachers are responsible for creating units of instruction that reflect the standards and meet the different needs of the students in their class.  The overall grade for each marking period is a combination of tests, quizzes, projects, classwork, participation, effort, homework, and assignments. All assignments and the students’ progress can be viewed by parents on Option C.  A parent log in will be given to each family by the academy secretary.  The administration encourages parents to monitor the child’s progress and to insure that all assignments are being completed and returned in time.





Subject area tests are administered to help teachers ascertain what students have accomplished. Careful examinations of test results show student strengths and deficits. Test results will be sent to parents.  Tests are a large percentage of the overall grade and should be prepared for seriously.  In addition to subject area tests we also participate in two formative testing programs.  All schools and academies in the Diocese of Brooklyn test grades 3-8 using CTB/ Terra Nova Standardized testing program.  Three exams are given over the course of a week:  Terra Nova Common Core edition, Inview and CAT skills exam.   Standardized tests are administered in the fall of the school year (October).  Results are recorded in the Permanent Record card and are given to parents in December usually during report card conferences.  These scores evaluate the child’s abilities.  They are used to identify needs and determine acceptance into Title 1 programs.  Terra Nova scores in grade 7 are used for admission to both Catholic and public high schools.


Terra Nova Testing     Fall        Grades 3-8


St. Camillus Catholic Academy participates in the New York State testing in the mandatory grades of 4, 6, and 8.  These tests are given in the spring (usually April or May) and test proficiency in the standards.  The results of these exams are not recorded on the Permanent record cards and are not used in application for high school.  Results are available, if not embargoed, in late July/August and are given to parents at the start of the new school year.  New York State law requires that all children who receive a score of Level 1-not meeting standards, be remediated for one academic year and must be retested to show improvement.  Students receive AIS, Academic Intervention Services, and are retested in grades 5 and 7 using the Terra Nova exam. Records of AIS and student progress are kept on file and sent to the Diocese of Brooklyn –Deputy Superintendent of Evaluation.





NYS Testing                Spring

Mathematics                            Grades 4, 6 and 8

English Language Arts            Grades 4, 6, and 8

Science                                   Grades 4 and 8




Homework serves a positive purpose and is closely related to class work. Homework is checked and part of the grade for every subject. Homework is important to the teaching and learning. Students are to complete all homework assignments following the academy format.  All work should be completed neatly and legibly.  Parents have a responsibility to supervise all homework.  Homework is to be signed and checked by parents.


The classroom teacher determines the amount of homework and type of assignment.  Usually homework is given in ELA and Math every night in grades K to 3.  Additionally, homework may be given in Religion, Social Studies and Science but not every night.  Studying for exams may be part of the homework.  In the upper grades 4-8, homework may be given nightly in each subject.  It is important that parents provide a quiet and well-lit space for the child to do his/her homework.


Typical homework time allotment:

These are approximate times depending on assignment and ability of the student.


Kindergarten, Grade 1 30 minutes   plus 20 minutes reading

Grades 2 and 3                       45 minutes plus 20 minutes of reading

Grades 4 and 5                       45-60 minutes plus 20 minutes of reading

Grades 6, 7 and 8                   60 minutes plus 20 minutes of reading


Parents are requested to read with their child on a nightly basis for a minimum of 20 minutes and review math facts nightly.


Grades and Grading:


One of the academies major responsibilities is to report the student’s progress and academic achievement.  St. Camillus Catholic Academy uses Option C to report all assignments and grades.  Report cards are generated from the assignments and can be viewed by the parents using a log in supplied by the academy secretary.  St. Camillus Catholic Academy follows a trimester grading system.  Report cards are distributed to parents during Parent Conferences in December and March and are sent home in June on the final day of classes. We use the Diocesan report cards.  Students are assessed in all five major subjects; however the standards assessed and personal growth differs in the type of report card.


The five major subjects are:  Religion, English Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science.


Early Childhood report card measures proficiency in standards and personal growth by:


 1  not meeting standards

2 approaching standards- Developing

3 meets standards 

4  exceeds standards 


Primary report card measures proficiency in standards and personal growth and progress by:

Alpha /Numeric average for subject

Personal growth and progress-           1  not meeting standards

2 approaching standards

3 meets standards for grade level

4  exceeds standards

Intermediate and Junior High report card measures proficiency in standards and personal growth and progress by:

Numeric average for subject

Personal growth and progress-           1  not meeting standards

2 approaching standards

3 meets standards for grade level

4  exceeds standards


Parents have the responsibility to monitor their child’s progress via signing tests, reviewing quizzes, checking and signing homework, supervising test preparation, and viewing scores on Option C.  Teachers have the responsibility to communicate to parents if the student is missing several assignments or homework.  Teachers also communicate progress via the progress report which is sent home mid trimester to show student’s progress.  All progress reports must be signed by parents and returned.




Honor Roll Standards:

Administration, in consultation with faculty, has developed the following criteria for Honor Roll at St. Camillus Catholic Academy.  Recognition of Principal’s List, First Honors and Second Honors is given at each trimester with the report card and student names are posted in the honor roll case in the main floor, outside of the principal’s office.


Principal’s List   

95 and above in all subject areas and a 3 or 4 in progress and personal growth.

First Honors  

90 and above in all subject areas and a 2 or more in progress and personal growth

Second Honors

85 and above in all subjects and a 2 or more in progress and personal growth.


No child can receive honor roll if he or she receives a 1 in academic or personal progress.


In June at the end of the academic year the academy holds an award ceremony for grades 1-7 and academic subject area awards are given out at an assembly.


Graduation awards for our 8th graders are given out at two ceremonies.

Graduation reception following the Graduation mass in June – Honor cords, altar server awards, school service awards.


Commencement exercises in June- Subject area medals, academic recognition, leadership and civic awards sponsored by other groups, tuition awards sponsored by individuals or organizations.


For 8th grade awards the student must receive honors in that subject area or fulfill the requirements of the award.


Valedictorian and Salutatorian for our graduating 8th grade are chosen by administration and faculty and reflect not only outstanding academic performance but also exemplify the very best of the academy in service, leadership and personal growth.  Students cannot have a 1 on the report card and be considered for Valedictorian or Salutatorian.


Promotion and Retention Policies:

Students must be meeting standards in order to be promoted to the next grade in June.  Decision on meeting standards is placed on the overall student performance during the academic year.  Passing in all subjects is a 70 or higherStudents are not meeting standards when they are failing or receiving a – (minus) 70 at the end of the marking period.

The marking periods are December, March and June.  Decision to promote a student, require summer school or retain a student is made at the end of the academic year and is determined by the overall average on the June report card.

Failing one or two academic subject for the entire academic year will require summer school in order for promotion to occur.  This ensures that the student has been given support and intervention in order to be successful for the upcoming new grade.  Retention may be required if a student fails three or more major subjects for the academic year.  This indicates that they are not meeting academic standards and are not ready to progress onto the next grade level.  This decision is not made lightly.  The parents would have been placed on notice via: the report card at December and March trimester, progress reports, student performance on exams and projects, teacher communication and meetings. Many factors are taken into consideration and the emotional needs of the child are also considered.  Retention is not punishment. It is done to ensure that the student can meet the standards and be successful in school.

Students who fail three or more subjects may be promoted on probation for 30 days if they have an Academic Intervention Plan in place.  This AIP can include: attending summer school, receiving tutoring, and are following up on an academic evaluation to determine if other factors may be contributing to their poor performance.


It is important that open communication between the teacher and the parent regarding student’s performance and achievement exists.  We are all working together – faculty, parent and student.



Pupil Record Card:

A cumulative report card shall be kept for each student from his/her entrance into the Academy until he/she leaves. The record of the school concerning individual students shall be used for the promotion of the welfare of the student. A copy of the student’s records is released only to other schools and only after a release form has been signed by the parent or legal guardian.  Permanent record cards are legal documents and are kept, as per Diocesan Guidelines, for life.


 Academy Policies


Attendance and Daily Schedule:

The daily Academy schedule is as follows:


Early drop off for bus children:              7:30 a.m.

Line up:                                                     7:45 am

School begins:                                       8:00 a.m.

Early dismissal & 1st Fridays:              12:00 p.m.

Dismissal:                                              3:00 p.m.


Pre-K for All hours are 8:00am to 2:20pm


Parents must call the school office by 8:30 a.m. if their child will be absent from school. Failure to do so will require school staff to contact parents who have not called the office. Parents can request homework for their child to be picked up after lunch at this time.


Students must bring a written note signed by a parent or guardian on the day following any absence from school.  Unless a note is presented the absence will be marked illegal.   Excessive absences impact a child’s learning and may affect meeting standards.  Excessive absences can also be educational neglect and may be reported to Child Services.   If your child is seriously ill and will be absent, he or she should receive Home Instruction during the period he or she are sick or incapacitated so as not to miss work.


A student will be considered tardy if he/she arrives to school later than 8:10 a.m. Tardiness is excused for doctor appointments with prior notification, bus delays, or for unusual circumstances. These will be recorded as “late for school”. – excused.  Students must receive stop at the office for a late pass before going to their classrooms.


All appointments with doctors should be made outside of school hours. Emergencies are exceptions. Family vacation should coincide with scheduled school vacation. Please refer to your school calendar! When absent for any reason, pupils are responsible for the work they have missed. Anticipation of or extensions of vacations are “unexcused”. As such, the student will not be excused from anything missed during such absences. All students are expected to be present and to participate in any school scheduled activity.


If a student makes a commitment to an extracurricular activity, he/she is expected to fulfill the commitment.




Academy Hours:

Morning Drop-off:

In good weather children will line up beginning at 7:45 in our school yard.  There will be a staff member on duty to supervise the children.  No running or playing during morning line up.  Children will stand with their classmates on line.  Parents are asked to wait by the fence.  Teachers will join their classes outside by 7:55 AM.  The bell will ring and we will begin our day with The Pledge of Allegiance and song.  In inclement weather, the children will line up in the school auditorium. Teachers and students will gather for Morning Prayer in the main hall by 8:10 am.


Children who arrive on NYC OPT school busses may enter the building as early as 7:30 am and will wait by the main office until the teacher arrives to their post of duty.



Student dismissal is at 3:00 p.m.  Children report to their bus assignments by 2:50 to board busses.  Children who are dismissed to a parent or guardian are walked outside by teacher to be released to the designated parent/guardian.  Middle school children grades 6, 7, and 8 are dismissed by their teacher from the main entrance, if they are not boarding a bus. Students in the middle school are not required to be picked up by a parent.


Half Day Dismissal:

Early dismissal is at 12:00 p.m.



Emergency Closings

School Delays and Cancellations:

Saint Camillus Catholic Academy follows the NYC Public School Department of Education with regard to cancellations, delays and early dismissals. This information can be found on the local radio station. If NYC public schools are closed, Saint Camillus Catholic Academy is closed.


If there is a one-hour delay, school will begin at 9:00 a.m. If there is a 90-minute delay, school will begin at 9:30 a.m.


Parents are responsible to keep an updated phone number listed with the school office.



After School:

After school is offered to all students Pre-K to grade 8 for a charge of $10 per day.  Pick up is at 5:45 PM  with final pick up at 6PM .  Application for the after school program are in the main office.  Parents who do not pick up their child by 6PM will be charged a late fee of $10.  If it is a recurring problem, the child will be removed from after school care. 


Care of School Property:

Students are responsible for the proper care of school property. This includes school grounds, school buildings, and furniture and school materials. Students are expected to make restitution for any damage to school property, including the loss or damage to textbooks, computers and library books. Students are also expected to show respect for the belongings of other students. Should a student cause the willful damage to a fellow student’s belongings, he or she is responsible for financial restitution.


Deliberate destructive behavior toward property will result in serious consequences. Parents will be notified if their child engages in any vandalism.


Co-curricular activities:

All students will participate and benefit from Music, Art, Physical Education, technology and special programs when presented.  Field trips are an extension of instruction and students are expected to attend the trip.

 Code of Conduct:

 Each child has the right to work in a school atmosphere that is conducive to good spiritual, physical, intellectual and emotional and social growth.  It is expected that this environment will help him or her to experience living and learning in a Catholic faith community.


Each child is to be treated with respect and fairness by the children and the adults who she or he interacts with each day. 


This is our belief and our discipline policy is created to ensure that each child develops self motivation and self control. To maintain good order and safety of all concerned Studnets are expected to cooperate and follow the rules of good conduct:



We expect our students to:

Show obedience and respect for all adults.

To be courteous and use proper language at all tiems and to everyone

To show reepsct and cooperation amond classmates

Follow all classrooms rules

Come prepared to school ready to work.

Dress in full uniform

Walk quietly in the hallways, be silent at all fire drills and quiet at assemblies and prayer.

Be respectful of all school and personal property.

Do your assignments and all homework

Behave in class

Follow the rules of the lunchroom

Follow the instructions of the teacher while at recess

Study and do your personal best at all times


As a Catholic academy we expect our students to not only grow in academics but to grow in their Catholic faith.  We strive to instill in our students values and morals on how to be good Catholics, good citizens, and good people.  We expect the very best behavior in our school day.  The teacher is the immediate disciplinarian. He or she will deal with any infractions or poor conduct in the class.   If the problem is not resolved then the principal is notified.

Consequences for poor conduct can result in detention, parent meeting, behavior plan, and exclusion from class or participation in a trip or event, suspension and in serious cases-expulsion.


Certain conduct is never tolerated and results in expulsion- bringing drugs, alcohol, weapons to school.   Risking the health and sagfety of any child or adult in our academy is unacceptable and never allowed.


Fighting is never allowed.  Our academy has a zero tolerance for fighting.  Child is immediately removed from school and a meeting with parent and child is required to return to class.



Diocesan Policy on Harrasment                                              See Attachement I




Consequences for poor behavior:


First offense:  Verbal warning, teacher will record the infraction in their behavior log


Second offense: disciplinary note is sent home to be signed by parent in order to return to class.

Notice is kept in student record and infraction is recorded.


Third offense:  Principal is notified in writing by teacher and student is sent to the office.  Parent is called and a meeting is held in order to return to class.  Meeting will be held with parent, student, principal and teacher.


At this time in or out of school suspenison may be required or behavior contract to return to class.


If the bevior does not change then expulsion may be taken in order to maintain the mission and vision of the academy and our Code of Conduct.


Consequences for poor performance:


Teacher will contact parent and student will serve detention for infractions in dress code, missing HW, poor classroom performance.

Teacher will inform principal if the behavior does not improve.

Principal will then contact parent and a meeting will be held to remedy the behavior.

Principal may determine denial of privileges and/ or in school suspension.

If no immediate improvement is seen then a Contract for Improvement is written and signed by teacher, parent and student.

If there is no improvement and the behavior continues in breach of the contract then expulsion.


Our goal is to educate students in the teachings of the Catholic faith; therefore there is no room for poor conduct or poor academic performance at St. Camillus Catholic Academy. 



All communication/flyers to parents will go home on an as-needed basis.  Accordingly, please check your child’s backpack every night!   We use a green academy communications folder to send home all-important notices and paperwork.  It is the parent’s responsibility to check this folder every day.   Parents are also required to sign all test papers and return them to the teacher the next day.   Every student has a Student agenda that also must be checked and signed.  In this agenda will be homework, test dates, and notes on behavior form the teacher.  Parents are expected to check the agenda every night.

We communicate via the academy website and on Facebook.


As of the printing of this Handbook we are transitioning to a new Diocesan website, so we are no longer using the website/address for communication or emails.  We will be using Option C for all email, for all assignments and grades; parents have as a log in to check their students’ progress.






Parent complaints concerning individual faculty members should first be discussed in a courteous manner with the faculty member. If this does not bring about a satisfactory resolution, the matter should then be referred to the Principal who will take all necessary steps as determined by the situation.  If the parent has met with the principal and still feels their concern is not being addressed they must in writing explain the situation and what steps were taken and why they are still unsatisfied and submit the letter to the principal who will deliver it to the Board of Directors.  If the Board of Directors feels that there is a legitimate concern they will discuss the situation and communicate to the parent.  If the Board feels that the situation was addressed by the principal there will be no response.



There are two mandatory conference times when report cards are distributed in December and in March.  All parents are required to attend the report card conferences, unless they are denied due to outstanding fees.

However, there may arise other times that a conference may be necessary.

Conferences with teachers are strongly recommended. Conferences will be granted only by appointment. Requests for conferences during school hours are not usually possible. Any parent/guardian wishing to see a teacher should send a note to the teacher or call the school office and request a return call from the teacher.



It is sometimes necessary to give detention to students who are not in compliance with academy policy.  There are two kinds of detentions.  A classroom teacher may give a student detention if he or she is not completing homework or assignments or are a distraction due to behavior in the classroom.  This means that they are interrupting the learning of the other children.  This type of detention is determined by the teacher and may result in not recess or after school detention.  If the child receives after school detention the parent will be given 24 hours notification.


If the offense is ongoing or serious in nature: cheating, harassment, fighting, cursing, vandalism then the detention and possible suspension is determined by the principal.  These incidents are documented and written up in the academy records.  Parents are notified of the offense and a meeting may be required to return to class.


Saint Camillus has a no violence policy.  We are never allowed to hit one another.  If this occurs the child is immediately removed from class and is sent home.  In order to return to class a meeting must be scheduled with the principal.


As a Catholic academy we believe that Jesus is present in all we do, and that all we do here at St. Camillus is done to glorify God.  Therefore, there is no place for any bullying or harassment of students or teachers.  We are all God’s children and must treat one another with kindness, respect and dignity.  Any mean or hurtful behavior is not allowed.


Dress Code:

Students must maintain a neat and a well-groomed appearance at all times.

All students are expected to comply with the dress code policy on a daily basis.


The school uniforms are to be purchased from:


1816 Flatbush Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11210




Girls Uniform K to 4th Grade:

Plaid jumper with yellow blouse (rounded collar) and school tie.   Matching green school sweater is the only outer wear allowed.  Green or white knee socks or tights with black school shoe Maryjane or lace up.  No slip on ballet shoes is allowed.


Girls Uniform Grades 5 – 8:

Plaid skirt with yellow blouse (pointed collar) and green vest.  Matching green school sweater is the only outer wear allowed.  Green or white knee socks or tights with black school shoe Maryjane or lace up.  No slip on ballet shoes are allowed.



Boys Uniform K – 8th Grade:

Green uniform dress pants, with yellow dress shirt and matching school tie.  Green school sweater is the only outerwear allowed to be worn in school.  Boys must wear black socks and black tie dress shoes.


Optional summer uniform: This can be worn May/June and September /October-

Students in grades 5-8 can wear the summer yellow golf shirt with green uniform pants or plaid uniform skirt.  All must wear black dress shoes.

All students K-8 can wear the yellow golf shirt with green shorts or plaid skort.

Students in full summer uniform (golf shirt and shorts/skort) may wear plain ALL white sneakers and white crew socks.


Gym Uniform for ALL:  Gym uniform is to be worn on gym day.

Gym shirt, sweat shirt, sweat pants, and /or shorts, sneakers.


If your child wears rain boots or snow boots to school he or she must bring their school shoes to change into during the school day.  No student is allowed to wear any clothing item that is not part of our uniform.  Please make sure your child has a uniform sweater or fleece on cold days. They will not be allowed to wear any other sweater or sweat shirt in class.




Boys’ Hair must be kept neat and above the top of the shirt collar. Any hairstyle, which is contrary to good hygiene or that is a distraction to teaching and learning, cannot be permitted. No shavings, Mohawks, etc…The Principal reserves the right to make the final decision on such matters.


Girls hair must be kept clean and neat. Hair should be tied back and off the face for school.  No strange hairstyles or dyes allowed.




  • Earrings (for girls only- boys are not allowed to wear earrings) are allowed only if they are post earrings or small hoops no larger than a dime.  No large, dangling earrings may be worn, for safety issues.
  • Limited amounts of jewelry should be worn to school so as not to be a distraction to learning.

Nail polish- Students are not permitted to use colored nail polish.

Makeup is never allowed in elementary school.


Remember that in uniform we all represent Saint Camillus Catholic Academy and we are to look our very best at all times.  Wear your uniform with pride and respect.




Field Trips:

Field trips are always planned with a particular educational objective in mind. All students are expected to participate with their class.


If a parent is to be a field trip chaperone, the guidelines listed below must be followed:

  • Parents are subject to Virtus Training;
  • The schedule prepared by teacher/or tour guide must be followed;
  • Students must be kept together. No one may stray from assigned group. Children may not switch to another group;
  • Parent chaperones are responsible for every child in their group, not only their own child. They may not combine groups in order to socialize with other parents;
  • Parents may not give children permission to do something outside of the group without checking with the Head Teacher;
  • Students should never go alone to the lavatory;
  • Students represent Saint Camillus, students should always be on their best behavior;
  • Politeness and respect for other groups of people, who are on the excursion, is expected. If a child in a group chooses not to follow the rules of respect, politeness and courtesy, the head teacher should be informed;
  • Chaperones are required to dress conservatively on field trips. No mini skirt, short shorts, low-cut shirts or halter top may be worn;
  • No chaperone may leave one group to go with another group or class;
  • As this is a school event, No siblings may be brought on a field trip;
  • Discrete use of cell phones (for emergency only) is advised. Turn off cells as directed by the head teacher;
  • Student attendance/participation at a field trip is at the Teacher’s discretion.
  • Please note: We expect parents to send their child on a scheduled trip.  There is no babysitting service offered at Saint Camillus Catholic Academy if the child does not attend.  The trip is the intended academic instruction/experience for that day.  You must keep your child home and they will be marked absent.


Fire Drills/Crisis Plans:

Fire drills are important for the safety of all. In order to ensure a quick and safe exit from the building, students must remain silent, follow directions, and move swiftly. There will be announced and unannounced fire drills. During a fire drill, all classroom work ceases; teachers and aides direct students to leave the building according to the posted egress and report to designated areas for accountability. Teachers are responsible for determining if all of their students are present and must notify the Principal once all the students are present and accounted for.  We are regulated by the NYC Fire Department who comes to check our drill log.  We are in compliance with all of our types of drills:  regular fire drill, obstructed egress drill, shelter in, and lock down.


If we must shelter in/ or lock down due to an emergency outside of our academy that presents an immediate danger we will contact our families via the Option C alert.


If we are to evacuate we have three designated sites:

Site 1: St. Camillus Roman Catholic Church             Emergency causes us to leave building

Site 2: St. Frances de Sales Catholic Academy     Emergency causes us to leave the immediate area

Site 3: St. Virgilius Roman Catholic Church     Emergency causes us to leave the peninsula


These sites depend if the emergency is in our building, in our local Rockaway Park area, or if we must leave the peninsula.  Parents will be notified via our Option C alert if we are forced to evacuate our building. Make sure you have an accurate phone number and email on file at all times.




Breakfast is served beginning at 7:30 am until 7:50 am each morning for grades K to 8  Pre-K will eat breakfast in their classroom as part of the instructional day.

Lunch is eaten in our lunchroom under the supervision of parent volunteers and a staff member.  Parents may choose to order from the lunch menu or send food from home.  Lunch needs to be sent to school with your child in the morning. Do not drop off lunch. Please be conscience of any food allergies of children.  We do not encourage any sharing of food for safety issues.  Please talk to your child about sharing or asking for food from others.  Healthy bodies mean healthy minds, so please send in nutritious meals for your growing children.


The Hot Lunch is provided by NYC School Food.  Parents can apply online and your child can eat free of charge.


The Academy Board of Directors request that parents do not drop off any take out or fast food for lunch.


Ice cream is sold  for $1.00.  At times other snacks may be for sale.


N.U.T. Day   “No Uniform Today” or Special Spirit Days


NUT days are days in the academic calendar year that the student may dress in regular clothes, out of uniform, for the cost of $1.00.  50 cents goes to the academy and 50 cents is collected from every participant and is part of a raffle drawn at the end of the day- the winner receives a cash prize.

Spirit days are special times in the academic year that we celebrate something special, a holiday or a cause and we ask that all wear a certain color.  These days are no charge and if money is collected, all profits go to the cause we are supporting.

Some examples are:

Halloween              wear black and orange

Breast Cancer         wear pink

Juvenile Diabetes   wear purple

St. Nicholas’ Day    wear red for Santa

St Patrick’s Day     wear green


On days when the students are permitted to dress down please follow these guidelines:

No offensive writing or designs on T shirts.

No cropped or revealing outfits.

No short- shorts or short skirts.  Shorts must be at the knees.

No spaghetti strap tops or bra straps showing.

No wearing PJ’s or sweat pants that have writing on the buttock.

No sagging pants.

No hats or head coverings

All students should dress appropriately and be covered from their shoulders to their knees.


If your child comes to school in inappropriate attire they will not be allowed to class until you come with a change of clothing.  If this noncompliance becomes a problem, your child will lose the NUT day privilege.


Photography and Video for Academy:

Parents are asked to sign a consent to be photographed and filmed that must be signed and returned to be kept on file according to diocesan policy.


Photo Consent and Diocesan Policy on PED        Atachment II


Progress Reports:

Progress reports are sent home mid trimester to inform the parent on the student’s progress.  They are sent home to every child in grades 1-8 in October, February, and May.



Students have a scheduled recess every day. It is expected that all students will use good judgment when playing games and (should) avoid rough behavior. The teachers on recess duty will be the final decision-makers on what constitutes harmful or rough behavior. All students are to respect the person on duty.  There is no running allowed at recess. We play in a parking lot not a playground.  Certain games are prohibited: tag, baseball, dodgeball, tackle football, etc.. that may cause injury. At the end of recess, the teacher on duty will ring bell, students are to walk to their designated spot and line up according to teacher direction. They will then return to their classroom quietly – so as not to disturb classes going on.


Respect for Individuals:

In keeping with Christian values and recognizing the value of each person, Saint Camillus Catholic Academy insists on respect for each person. Harassment or exploitation/bullying will not be tolerated whether it is verbal, physical or sexual. The dignity of each person will be safeguarded by the administration. If a child is being harassed, parents should notify the teacher who will immediately address the issue, in concert with the Administration.



Respect for Teachers:

Parents are held to the same standard as students with regard to respect for Academy employees. Enrollment of the child in the Academy implies a partnership- shared vision and mission- between the school, the parents and the child. If the partnership breaks down or this understanding is broken, parents can be required to withdraw their child from the school.


Personal Items at School:

All toys, games, or any article not related to school are to be left at home unless authorized by the teacher. Students who bring cell phones, I-Pods, computerized games or any such electronic devices to school do so at their own risk.  To keep them safe, keep them home.  The Academy is not responsible for the loss of or theft of any items in the school building.

Your child’s name should be put on the inside of his/her school bag, lunch box, sweaters, jackets, uniform, clothing, etc… A lost and found area is located in the school hall.



Personal electronic devices follow a Diocesan Acceptable Use Policy that must be signed by both parent and student and is kept on file in the main office. They may not be used at any time in the school day unless supervised by teacher for educational purposes within the lesson.



Students, who have phones for their own personal use, may not use them in school or during school hours.  Phones are to be turned off and handed in to the homeroom teacher.  They are never allowed to be used once the student is on school property. Students may use the school phone only for emergencies. Students should never use their personal cell phone during school hours to contact parents.  Cell phones are to be handed in every morning to the office and are kept until dismissal.


School Nurse:

If a student needs to see the nurse permission must be asked of the teacher/adult on duty.  All children who feel ill will be seen by the nurse and she will document the visit and contact the parent if necessary.  If I child is injured during the school day, the nurse will treat the child and contact the parent, but the principal will also be alerted and the teacher on duty must complete an accident report for Parish Services.


Health Records:

Saint Camillus Catholic Academy is privileged to have a school nurse maintain all health records required by the state. State law does not allow children to attend school if they have not met the age appropriate immunization requirements. If your child receives any immunizations from your doctor, notify the school office.



No Medications will be given in school by school personnel.  Medication should never be sent with a child. Children needing medication in the Nurse’s office must complete a 504 for dispensing of medication. In case of medication being taken for a brief period of time, a parent or legal guardian may come to the school office and administer the medication to the student or present the required written orders if a nurse is available to administer it.


The school nurse, all faculty and staff members are required by law to report suspected child abuse and neglect cases.


Emergency Cards:

Parents are required to complete and return the emergency card for each child. These cards must be updated yearly. Please, notify the school if any information changes during the year, such as phone numbers for home or work, addresses, or whom to call if a parent cannot be reached.



State education law requires that a physical be recorded on each child’s health record upon entrance to school. If a parent is planning a physical with a family doctor, he/she should request the proper form from the school nurse so that the information regarding this physical is kept current.





Student School Textbooks:

Textbooks, which are the property of the Academy- many on loan to us by the State Education Department, must be properly covered.  Students are to use a backpack in which to carry their books and papers. The cost of any books belonging to the Academy/ NYS that are lost or damaged will be billed to the parents.




All visitors – including parents – must report to the school office upon entering the school building, and sign-in accordingly and receive a visitor’s pass.   No one is to visit a classroom without the permission from an administrator or office staff.  Parents may not interrupt a class or expect to have a teacher conference without an appointment.  Items brought to school for a child, e.g. books, clothes, should be left at the office with the child’s name and grade printed on it.  When a visitor enters the room, all students will politely stand and greet him/her.



To foster continuity and to preserve unity and harmony of classes at the Academy, once a parent chooses to remove a child from the school, that child will not be permitted to re-enter. The administration, however, may elect to review special circumstances.





Handbook Revisions:

A school Handbook is a “living document” which changes to meet the ever-changing needs of students, parents and teachers. Accordingly, appropriate revisions will be made to the handbook at the appointed time.

All final decisions in regards to any policy or behavior are made by the principal in discussion with the Academy Board.









Parent Acknowledgement


I have read the Student/Family Handbook for Saint Camillus Catholic Academy and I agree to the mission and vision of the Academy and will follow the guidelines on policy and conduct.


I have read this handbook and discussed the rules and policies with my children.



Family name:





Parent signature:





Student                            Grade

































Acceptable Use Policy


Consent to be photographed


Erate Form


Trip Permission Slip